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Heaven’s Garden Waterpark Ltd

Lanitis Farm Ltd is a major shareholder of Heaven’s Garden Ltd, owner of Fasouri Watermania Waterpark Ltd and Ktima Laniti, situated on the Lanitis Farm property in Fasouri, over an area of 100,000m2.

The Waterpark started its operations in 1999 on 56,000 mof land. All construction was carried out having the protection of the environment in mind at all times.

The equipment has been supplied by well-known international manufacturers leaving no aspects of safety to chance.

Following an aggressive expansion program, Fasouri Watermania is presently the biggest Waterpark in Cyprus both in size (over 100.000m2) and number of attractions and facilities (with 30 different slides for all ages, beach volleyball courts, mini football pitch, five catering outlets including restaurants and snack bars).

The park entertains more than 150,000 local and tourist visitors every year. Fasouri Watermania is the ideal place for families, friends and children to spend a one-day outing, away from work troubles and paper loads. The visitors can have a unique thrilling experience in a safe, fun and relaxing environment escaping from hustle and bustle of the crowded city. Our property in Fasouri packs an impressive array of attractions, facilities and services dressed in a Polynesian theme which includes over 1,500m2 of wooden covered areas giving a tropical feel to your experience.